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Great News for Mormons

Great News for Mormons


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is by far the largest Mormon group with around 16 million members in 160 countries. Many people consider this group to be just one of many Christian denominations, but it is not, as John shows in this small book. Far from it. Not only are the group’s teachings very different to traditional Christianity as taught in the Bible, they are different to what is taught in the Book of Mormon. You may be shocked as you look at the evidence. This small book is not mere opinion. It is well-referenced, giving evidence from the LDS Church’s own writings.


ISBN: 978-0-473-55802-4

48 pages

Publication date 2020


Read to understand. Give away to a friend. The Great News series of eight books is designed to be read in an hour or two. They are priced reasonably so that you can afford to read to understand and then give them away.

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