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Great News for Muslims

Great News for Muslims


Christians are often confused about Islam and its teachings. Can Islam be fairly judged by what some Muslims are doing? Muslims are often confused about Christianity and what it means to be a genuine Christian. They have questions.
John Evanson explains the basic beliefs of Islam for a Christian. He then discusses what genuine Christians believe and why. Then he answers the common questions that Muslims have about what Christians call the gospel or ‘Good News’ or even Great News.
The Great News is that misunderstandings can be cleared up. Understanding another’s beliefs is a big step to better relationships.

ISBN: 978-0-473-54492-8

Publication date 2020

42 pages


Read to understand. Give away to a friend. The Great News series of eight books is designed to be read in an hour or two. They are priced reasonably so that you can afford to read to understand and then give them away.

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